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Propane Service Areas

White River Energy is your local propane supplier. But we like to think of ourselves as more than just the one that delivers your propane; we’re a vital link that ties together the community of the White River Valley and beyond. In our community, surrounded and separated by the White River National Forest, we all love our neighbors – at a comfortable distance. Propane is the fuel of our lives, essential to letting us choose the distance where we want our neighbors. At White River Energy, we know there’s something special in all the towns and rural areas that we serve, and that’s why we believe in our Premium Service Promise™ – we want to give our community as much as you give us.

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Meeker is the town we are proud to call home at White River Energy. It’s the place where all our propane customers are our neighbors, and many of them are our nearest and dearest friends and family. This is the place where we’ve built our reputation. We invite anyone considering working with us to come to Meeker and ask people what they think of White River Energy. We guarantee you they will praise our people, our propane, and our premium service. We are committed to treating all our customers across our communities with the same dedication as our customers in Meeker.

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is the largest city in the area. Blessed with unique natural hot springs, the town brings tourists from all around the world to our area, but retains its signature local flavor. Winning various national titles like the “Most Fun Town in America,” and the “5th Best Place to Live in America,” it has resisted the pressure to grow, and is large only by the standards of the White River Valley community. Propane helps fuel the tireless energy of the city, an essential complement for one of America’s oldest electrified cities.

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Just up the road from Glenwood Springs, Rifle represents the other side of Colorado’s character. A city based on ranching and extraction of resources rather than tourism, it’s almost as large as Glenwood Springs, but far less recognized by the outside world, which is just fine. This is a no-nonsense community of hard-working individuals who don’t need or want to be on anybody’s map, just as they don’t need to be a stop for tourists. Propane is not just fuel for Rifle, it’s the fulfillment of the extraction cycle, part of the processes that drive Rifle’s economy.


Silt describes itself as the “Gateway to the Outdoors” because of its location at the opening of the wide park that also houses Rifle and allows for many roads to wind off into the mountains all around. Its favorable position is why it’s one of the oldest towns in the area, with a post office dating back to 1898 serving as an anchor for a widely distributed community in the area. Propane serves as a more modern anchor for the community, and at White River Energy, we’re proud to be a part of that.

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Parachute is the “Western Gateway to the Rockies” thanks to its enviable position at the opening of the high valley near Battlement Mesa. The town’s geography makes it the perfect jumping off point for outdoor adventures in mountains, in forests, and on the water. Propane fuels the sense of adventure for this big little town that punches well above its population.

De Beque

Located at the confluence of the Colorado River and the feisty Roan Creek, De Beque’s history is wrapped up with the presence of wild horses in the area. Just as it’s maintained its historic downtown, De Beque maintains the same mustang energy in its modern spirit. The town formed as a ranching community. Within a few years of the first settlers, dozens of ranches were established in the area. Ranching remains an important part of life for De Beque. For more than a century, De Beque has extracted and exported petroleum. At White River Energy, we’re proud to help return that energy with our propane deliveries.

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New Castle

New Castle is located at a fortuitous cut by the Colorado River through the Grand Hogback. This cut gave early settlers easy access to the mineral riches deep in the rocks, and it continues to give the community riches in the form of beautiful views and easy access to recreation opportunities. This town enjoys the legacy of its days as a rough-and-tumble mining settlement and maintains its adventurous spirit. White River Energy helps propel the adventure in New Castle with our propane deliveries.


Craig is located at the perfect place for a town. The intersection of the Yampa River and Fortification Creek give it an ample supply of water, one of the most precious resources of the Colorado Rockies. The location is so perfect that the failure of two previous towns didn’t stop people from settling in the area and founding Craig, which proved that the third time’s a charm. The town has grown after being named the County Seat, but it maintains its rugged outdoor attitude. No matter where you want to go in Craig’s “big backyard,” propane can help fuel the adventure.


Rangely’s history is wrapped up with oil. Decades before the town came into existence, it was put on the map by what was named the most productive oil well in the United States in the 1930s. Though the well was capped for a while, when World War II expanded the demand for oil, population in the area swelled. The town of Rangely was founded in 1947 out of a company camp. With the scale of the formation, the town has continued to prosper ever since. The history as an oil town has been a rich one, with interesting offshoots, such as the discovery of The Tank with its unique acoustic properties. White River Energy is proud to bring some of the energy back home with our propane deliveries.

Premium Service Is Our Promise

We believe in giving our all to the communities in and around the White River Valley. That’s why we created our Premium Service Promise™, to show our commitment to our customers and our community.

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