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Propane Services

Scheduled Route Propane Delivery (Residential & Commercial)

To avoid the inconvenience of unexpectedly running low or out of propane, White River Energy recommends signing up for Scheduled Delivery.

We recommend customers get on the scheduled route for propane delivery. With scheduled route delivery, we will always be around on a regular basis to make sure you have all the propane you need and won’t be in danger of getting snowed in without an adequate propane supply.

New Customer Sign-Up

Will Call Propane Delivery (Residential & Commercial)

If you’re not on our regular delivery route, you can call (970) 878-9876 or use our online tank refill request to get a delivery. Online requests are checked daily Monday-Friday. Please call if you do not receive a confirmation email.

Allow up to 10 business days for delivery with a will call order.

Will call customers who require an after-hours or emergency delivery will be charged an additional delivery fee: $100 for the Meeker area, $150 for the Rifle or Craig areas.

Tank Sales

Do you need a new tank because yours has rusted out, been damaged, lost, or just doesn’t suit your current needs? We can help. We will evaluate your usage and needs to recommend the proper tank for your home or business.

Propane Tank Rental

Propane tank rental is a reasonable option for people and businesses who can’t afford to buy a new tank right now. As with tank sales, we will assess your needs and recommend the proper tank size for your business or home.

Existing residential customers will be charged according to their original leasing agreement.

Prices for new customers are as follows:

1000 Gallon Tank $200 per year

500 Gallon Tank $125 per year

330 and Smaller Gallon Tank $100 per year

Tank Installation

Tank installation might start with a site survey. If you are a current customer, we will be familiar with your site, and may not need a site survey. However, in most cases, we will need to check out the tank site and determine if additional steps are necessary before installation. This might include pouring a concrete slab or installing concrete blocks to support the new tank.

Then we will put the tank in place. Once the tank is properly and securely sited, we will run the gas lines and test for leaks. Then a delivery driver will fill your propane tank to make sure it’s functional to use right away. If you need a walkthrough, we will help you understand proper safe operation of your propane system.


Because propane gas prices fluctuate frequently, White River Energy does not list propane rates on our website. However, we are happy to provide current pricing information on request. Simply call (970) 878-9876 or email wrenergy@wrenergy.com for detailed pricing information.

White River Energy also provides additional discounts for retail dispensers and customers with annual use of over 10,000 gallons.

Customer Safety Checks

Safety is one of our most important values at White River Energy. Therefore, we are prepared to perform important safety checks to protect you and your family from any potentially hazardous situations.

Leak Detection

Propane leaks can be deadly. Propane is naturally odorless, but odor molecules have been added to give it a “rotten eggs” smell. If you think you’re smelling this odor, get out right away and call for assistance.

We will be able to track down the source of your leak and recommend a fix. Often, we can conduct the repairs right then and there. Other times, we might have to leave and return to complete the repairs.

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